Our Partners

Our Partners

Novateur is a leading provider of virtual product and business development services for the life sciences sector. With expertise in preclinical and clinical development, CMC and bioanalytics, regulatory and quality, business development and marketing as well as global project management, the firm believes in the power of device and drug development to change and save lives. Their team has played a key role in the development of over 80 products and worked with companies of all sizes from small startups to big multinational corporations.  Uniquely positioned to provide focused, pragmatic advice and operational support, Novateur’s team is focused on getting their clients’ product to market.

Goodman’s LLP is recognized internationally as one of Canada’s premier transaction law firms because their lawyers and clients are industry leaders. Their lawyers excel in their fields to help clients excel in theirs – both ensuring ever-higher levels of service and business success. Further, they offer a unique combination of skills – spanning business law and litigation; public and private; tradition and innovation. With a strategic entrepreneurial history and deal-making mindset, Goodmans lawyers deliver intelligent solutions, responsiveness, energy, talent and determination to get the deal done. It’s more than just legal services; it’s strategic business advice

PCKIP is a cross-border intellectual property law firm focused a broad range of intellectual property and commercial services around IP Identification, IP Protection, IP Portfolio Management, IP Strategy and Counsel, IP Commercialization, IP Dispute Resolution and IP Litigation. PCK professionals include seasoned patent and trademark agents, general counsel, commercial and litigation counsel with experience across a broad range of industries and technologies. Backed by one of the most advanced IP management systems of any IP firm in North America, PCK offers the right team and services to identify, protect, and commercialize IP investments.

Interested in becoming a Growth Partner?

If you provide products and services to startups, investors or consultants and are interested in a partnership with us,  reach out and someone from our leadership team will get in touch. 

    Our growth experts work closely with startups & investors looking to take it to the next level with data driven growth strategies and automation. With the launch of TechTrack, our products & services are now accessible to any startup, company or investor no matter their size or geography.


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